After viewing the capsids, we understood we had been onto something interesting.’ The gap in research had not been for want of a fascinating subject. Prior function had proven that mice missing Arc forgot items they had discovered a mere a day previously. Further, their brains lacked plasticity. There’s a window of your time early in existence when the human brain is similar to a sponge, bathing in new knowledge and skills very easily. Without Arc, the windows never opens. Researchers had never considered that systems responsible for learning could stem from foreign roots. Now, the ongoing work by Shepherd and his team offers raised this intriguing possibility.Wu stated further, the initial program containing stem cells from three donors allows us to dissect molecular systems underlying Zika virus-induced human brain malformation. Mature author and UTMB associate professor within the Department of Pathology Nikos Vasilakis stated that they found that two weeks following the cells had progressed into a particular type, the Zika infection was within glial cells, which provide support and insulation for the mind.